Get free money with a no deposit poker bonus

Once upon a time, pretty much every online poker site handed out generous no deposit poker bonuses. Not any more, they’re slowly becoming extinct. Today, though there are plenty of other types of bonuses on offer from all major sites, finding a no deposit poker bonus can turn into a game in itself. But, because you like a challenge, and there’s your favourite search engine primed and ready to hunt them down, you’ll soon discover enough to get some free money with.

What a no deposit poker bonus is and why they are becoming extinct

If you’ve already looked into playing poker online, you’ll have seen there’s a huge amount of poker sites. Since the internet brought online gaming into our living-rooms, competition for business has been literally close to cut throat; the fact that the gaming industry is now worth billions puts into context why everyone wants your business. Your cash is part of that billions. So, how do they do it? They make an offer potential new members can’t refuse. They woo you with free money. In its infancy, competition was so fierce that online poker sites had to win members by giving them cash in the form of actual cash bonuses or a no deposit bonus worth a decent amount of cash. Of course, when people figure out they can get free money from somewhere, whether they like poker or not, they hunt it down. Nowadays, these people are aptly referred to as bonus hunters, and no gaming site likes a serial bonus hunter.

The reason no deposit poker bonuses are becoming extinct is because online casinos felt bonus hunters, like many hunters, abused the offerings. Indeed, many did and still do. Or maybe the best sites have filled their own membership quota and don’t need to lure folk with so much money? Regardless, any type of bonus which can be cashed out for real money is becoming harder to find. But if you want to play without spending any of your own hard-earned cash, then a no deposit bonus is the way to go; just like the name suggests, you don’t need to deposit any funds to get one.

How much free money can you get with a no deposit poker bonus?

How much a bonus is worth depends on each individual poker room. Compared to other bonuses, no deposit bonuses can seem on the low side; expect to see plenty around the £10 mark, maybe the odd one around a hundred, but anything higher is almost unheard of. Free money is still money for nothing though, right? If you’re just starting out, they’re worth more than their cash value.

Why a no deposit poker bonus is invaluable to new poker players

When you start playing anything, you need to practice to become good. If you’ve played a few hands already, then you’ll agree how useful it would be to not have to gamble your own money on winning a game – a game you’ve not into your groove at. And if you’ve never played poker before, or only the odd time at your friend’s house, then you don’t really want to hit the tables with real money. Well, not your own. Although they’re becoming harder to find, for now, there should be enough rooms offering a no deposit poker bonus to bankroll your way through poker school until you’ve mastered the game. If you know what you’re doing and, excuse the pun, play your cards right, you can turn it into profit and end up with a nice amount of free cash.

How easy is a no cash poker bonus to cash-out?

Again, it all comes down to the individual site. Make sure you check out their terms and conditions attached to the ‘clearing requirements’ for it. In some cases, because it’s not for a high amount, you can access it straight away. Other times, you might have to meet a minimum withdrawal amount, meaning you have to either have won enough already, or if not, then you will have to deposit something to play and win with so you meet the minimum withdrawal criteria. For the higher no deposit poker bonuses given by major sites, it’s common for bonuses to be split over so many games or a period of time. A rule of thumb could be the higher the bonus, the more hoops you’ve got to jump through to get. Hunting gets harder. But cash for free is a rare thing.